“Challenge Life With Change”

Changes Counseling Services Substance Abuse Outpatient Programs were developed to help individuals who are having a difficult time discontinuing the use of substances of they feel are causing problems within their lives.

We understand one size does not fit all.  Treatment modalities are tailored to meet your needs to ensure we are using the most effective approach to aid during this difficult time. The goal is to help individuals o live in a successful manner.

Changes Counseling Services has provided substance abuse treatment and education for 15 years in Austin, Texas. At Changes we understand what it feels like to exist and not live. We understand how one problem can lead to many. We see you for who you are today, not for the mistakes you have made in the past. Every day is an opportunity! Changes Counseling Services is ready, if you ’re ready, to change in this opportune moment!

We are a Texas Licensed Drug and Alcohol Education Course Provider. If you have been arrested for a Drug/Drug Paraphernalia Possession Offense or Driving While Intoxicated Offense we have classes that will satisfy your legal obligations.

Out-of-State individuals are welcome, Changes has the ability to satisfy out of state requirements necessary to reinstate driving privileges , and also for those who need to satisfy another states requirements and have recently moved to the State of Texas.

Department of Transportation Services are Provided for those who have a Commercial Driver License and have been flagged due to a positive drug screen or referrals from your physician.


Austin Location:

8711 Burnet Rd. Ste A-3

Austin, Texas 78757

Office Phone: 512-257-0066