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 Class Schedule

Intensive Outpatient Programs

Monday , Tuesday,Wednesday

Saturday and Sunday

Supportive Outpatient Program



DWI Intervention  (DSHS)
(DIN-32 Hours)

Begins September 17th, 2016
Ends November 6th, 2016

Saturdays and Sundays

Drug Offender
Education Program (DSHS)
(DOEP-15 Hours)

Begins Aug 12, 2016
Ends Sept 9, 2016

Fridays Only

  Changes Counseling    Services
Challenge Life With Change"

Changes Counseling Services substance abuse outpatient programs were developed to help individuals who are having a difficult time discontinuing the use of mood altering substances. We understand one size does not fit all.  Treatment modalities are tailored to meet your needs to ensure we are using the most effective approach to aid during this difficult time.
Changes Counseling Services is a community based, affordable program for the rehabilitation of those with a substance abuse problem.

The goal is to help individuals to live in a successful manner.

Changes Counseling Services is an affordable treatment center offering outpatient chemical dependence/abuse services. CCS offers Intensive and Supportive outpatient treatment, substance abuse education, relapse prevention, aftercare, assessment and counseling meeting DOT requirements.

This program is licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS). Changes Counseling Services was founded by a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor with long term experience in the field of chemical dependency.

Intensive Outpatient  Substance Abuse Treatment 

The intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a group focused, non-residential program for substance abusing adults ages 18 and over. IOP is more intensive than traditional outpatient treatment services, offering 10+ hours of treatment per week. Treatment typically lasts six weeks, but varies with individual needs and participation. This will continue through the aftercare, or extended care program, which meets one time per week for an hour.

Intensive groups meet two to three days a week. Each participant may attend at least one additional individual or family session each week. Changes services are available weekends and weekday evenings. Staff work fitting the justice system case plan.

What Is The Treatment Philosophy?

  • Substance abuse is a problem and dependency is a treatable disease
  • Change occurs through development of a therapeutic relationship that respects and builds on the client’s life goals and free choice
  • Family participation in therapy is strongly encouraged
  • Principles of self-help groups such as the 12-Step Model of recovery are Included in treatment
  • Cognitive-behavioral and Motivational Enhancement approaches are Most effective

What is required of Participants?

  • Must remain substance free of all non-prescription drugs including alcohol
  • Commit and comply with regular and consistent program attendance and Assignments (All excused absences require pre-approval)
  • Agree to recommended/requested urinalysis tests

What Can I Expect to Accomplish?

  • Look at your own patterns of substance use & learn to understand the disease of addiction
  • Develop the knowledge and skills necessary to make lifestyle changes to abstain from alcohol and illegal drug use
  • Learn to alter negative or self-defeating thoughts and behaviors
  • Improve coping skills, feelings identification, expression and control, and social skills
  • Recognize triggers and develop plans to avoid relapse

Who is Eligible?

  • Substance-abusing (drugs & alcohol) or chemically dependent adults 18 & over who have a chemical dependency evaluation that meets the requirements for IOP
  • Those with a moderate to severe risk of relapse

The Changes Counseling Program presents treatment for substance abuse issues using a variety of formats specific for the needs of the individual seeking a care level beyond detoxification and crisis stabilization.  If these needs are determined in the assessment of the individual, they are referred to resources that can assist them in matching their direct care needs with the appropriate care level.


Treatment Course:

Individuals sent for our services may have been assessed by us or through a referral source such as a legal or medical entity. Once the needs of the individual are defined they are given options for attending individual and/or group counseling presented by licensed, professional counselors who have been certified by the state of Texas in performing their duties. The clients are evaluated individually and given a prescribed treatment plan that is individually coordinated with the person through the assessment process and updated through the course of treatment to reflect their treatment progress or needs that may arise.


Individualizing the treatment program allows the client to utilize the appropriate course for meeting their specific needs as well as clarifying the treatment expectations with the referring resource such as community supervision and corrections, courts, and state mandates.  We offer intensive outpatient programs that provide 60 hours of instruction over a six-week period taught both on weekday and weekend schedules, weekly aftercare (Supportive Outpatient Program) follow-up for one hour weekly for a total of 12, 24, or up to 48 sessions as indicated.


We also have begun providing specific courses certified by the state of Texas as Alcohol Education, Alcohol Intervention, and Drug Awareness that are designed and presented to meet standards they have set and which the instructors have been certified to present in compliance with the Department of Public Safety and/or the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.


Treatment Modalities:   

We utilize a holistic approach in presenting a substance abuse program that includes education and instruction on the disease process of chemical dependency, 12 step recovery, effects on the family, cognitive-behavioral self-change, coping with stress, anger, grief, and difficult emotions, and focus on relapse prevention strategies.  We schedule individual weekly sessions to reinforce the client’s progress and encourage them to process their understanding and application in utilizing motivational interviewing techniques. As we have a licensed laboratory neighboring our facility, we are able to monitor their sobriety through low cost 5 panel testing analysis.

This approach is carried out in time specified course of treatment with treatment outcomes communicated to referring sources that the individual has given written consent to receive. We are able to make adjustments to the individual needs according to the treatment plan of each person we engage, as some may indicate increased individual counseling or increased focus on specific areas such as relapse analysis and prevention strategies or enhanced cognitive work.



Changes Counseling continues to improve in our awareness and application of the latest scientific and therapeutic techniques for presenting quality care and treatment.  Our responses from individuals who attend and complete the treatment courses is overwhelmingly positive and, understanding the nature of addiction treatment we have served many individuals who have need to return to treatment at times in response to having further consequences, but as well with some who recognize the need for more intensive treatment to prevent relapse and such consequences. 


Nationally there is a movement that is increasingly aware of recovery as a badge of courage one wears, not a sign of shame. In presenting treatment as the initiation of this process or as a means of fine tuning it, we are following this path in establishing not just an intervention, but motivation for changing people’s lives for good.






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