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Intensive Outpatient Chemical
The intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a group focused, non-residential program for substance abusing adults ages 18 and over. IOP is more intensive than traditional outpatient treatment services, offering 10+ hours of treatment per week. Treatment typically lasts six weeks, but varies with individual needs and participation. This will continue through the aftercare, or extended care program, which meets one time per week for an hour.

Intensive groups meet two to three days a week. Each participant may attend at least one additional individual or family session each week. Changes services are available weekends and weekday evenings. Staff work fitting the justice system case plan.

What Is The Treatment Philosophy?

  • Substance abuse is a problem and dependency is a treatable disease
  • Change occurs through development of a therapeutic relationship that respects and builds on the client’s life goals and free choice
  • Family participation in therapy is strongly encouraged
  • Principles of self-help groups such as the 12-Step Model of recovery are Included in treatment
  • Cognitive-behavioral and Motivational Enhancement approaches are Most effective

What is required of Participants?

  • Must remain substance free of all non-prescription drugs including alcohol
  • Commit and comply with regular and consistent program attendance and Assignments (All excused absences require pre-approval)
  • Agree to recommended/requested urinalysis tests

What Can I Expect to Accomplish?

  • Look at your own patterns of substance use & learn to understand the disease of addiction
  • Develop the knowledge and skills necessary to make lifestyle changes to abstain from alcohol and illegal drug use
  • Learn to alter negative or self-defeating thoughts and behaviors
  • Improve coping skills, feelings identification, expression and control, and social skills
  • Recognize triggers and develop plans to avoid relapse

Who is Eligible?

  • Substance-abusing (drugs & alcohol) or chemically dependent adults 18 & over who have a chemical dependency evaluation that meets the requirements for IOP
  • Those with a moderate to severe risk of relapse
  • People who need an intensive professionally structured outpatient Treatment program

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