Schedule a Drug & Alcohol Evaluation

Scheduling a Substance Abuse Assessments/Evaluations is the first step in the admission process. The Substance Abuse  Evaluation provides information on the extent of  the addiction or substance abuse issue.  This is a confidential  meeting with a in which you are interviewed by a Licensed Counselor and administered screening instruments. Our trained counselor will make this process as seamless and noninvasive possible.  You or a referral source will receive your results with-in 3 business.

We perform both in-state and out of state evaluations. In-state evaluations refers to individuals who are referred by an organization , court, employer etc. from the state of Texas.

Out of state evaluations refer to an individual who has been referred to have an evaluation completed from an out of state source ( For example: The Virginia Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program-VASAP). Changes Counseling Services will comply with all out of state requirements.

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