IOP Program Reviews

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 Intensive Outpatient Program Reviews

May 2016

  • After so much indifference to my privacy as previously experienced through my legal proceeding, it was an unexpected honor to find that this  IOP program still had respect for my concerns and perceived issues and actually worked with me to ease my anxiety
  • James (Counselor) communicates very well. I enjoyed coming here.

June 2016

  • This program was very educational and interactive. The IOP groups were very educational and personal at time.

June 2016

  • I feel like I chose the best possible place to be.
  • Very Relate-able, full of insight

July 2016

  • James has been the best counselor I have work with in recovery!
  • My counselor did a great job with the class. He cares about what he does!
  • I actually liked coming to the IOP program. It helped me change as a person and as a father. It helped me see life in a different way. Thanks to James I have changed my ways.
  •  I would recommend this IOP program to others. This IOP Program helped more than I expected!

August 2016

  • This is the best IOP program I have ever been to.
  • Really great program, the class was the perfect amount of time, and covered a great number of subjects.
  •  I would definitely recommend this program to others
  • Thank you for helping me overcome my drug problem!
  • Thank you for everything that was done to help me, the program was wonderful!

September 2016

  • My IOP program was fun and very helpful.
  • I wasn’t very happy when my Supervision Officer informed me of having to complete and Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), but I must say I’ve truly enjoyed it. James Is Great!
  • My counselor identified the genetics of using alcohol which made me better able to look at myself in new ways.
  • This IOP class taught me more about myself , my emotions, and my thought processes.
  • This IOP Program was informative for people that have a history with substance abuse.

October 2016

  • I really appreciated how candid and open my counselor was in sharing his own life experiences. This IOP program came across as genuine and very helpful for my own personal treatment.
  • James is great. He’s very calming, which is something that addicts, like me! need.
  • I appreciate the fact y’all work  with me on the time and money. The materials and lessons were valuable and made me think of being aware of certain situations I’m confronted with throughout the week. AA is no longer a trigger for me now.I am now considering to continue attending these groups.
  • It’s a great course!
  • James was very personable and easy to talk to. The way the program was facilitated made it very easy for me to relate to.
  • The IOP Program was fun and interesting as well as informative.

November 2016

  • I enjoyed open discussions and the opportunity to share everyday.
  • I appreciated a laid back environment. This program taught me to be conscious of not taking the first drink.

January 2017

  • I enjoyed the interactions during group the best!
  • Very informative class without ever feeling judged in any way.
  • The counselor’s discussions were very informative and hold your attention. I recommend this program for everyone whether you are in need of treatment or not.

February 2017

  • My Counselor changed so much in my life in these short 2 months!
  • I learned more about myself than I expected! This might have been an expensive lesson to be taught , but I’m glad I’m more aware of my feelings.
  • I found the Counselor was professional and Informed. His presentation style was excellent
  • James was great! the overall class was informative, the hours for class met my needs and worked with my schedule.
  • The program helped me deal with my dependency very well
  • I interviewed 3 places and chose Changes Counseling IOP Program for two reasons FLEXIBILITY and MY COUNSELOR!
  • I frequently continued conversations with my counselor after IOP Sessions.

March 2017

  • The Weeknight IOP Program is very educational, and enjoyable
  • I love the way Counselor James delivers what it means to be in recovery and the tools needed to get through it. He relates his own personal experiences. This is by far the best treatment experience I’ve ever had!
  • The IOP Program was educational, and my Counselor was very compassionate.
  • Great Counselor, very personable and easy to connect with.
  • Learning about how the AA program is applicable to other issues has inspired me to attend Emotions Anonymous.

April 2017

  • My IOP Counselor was beyond my expectations, he is extremely knowledgeable and has a way at making everyone feel comfortable opening up and sharing.

May 2017

  • The IOP Nights Program was very helpful and went by fast. James was Great!
  • James is Amazing! 6 Weeks goes too fast. IOP was a safe and fun environment.
  • The Intensive Outpatient Program  helps to uncover or help one recognize thoughts or feelings one keeps suppressed without realizing.
  • I loved the class! Great Counselor! I got a lot of information out of the IOP Program. The IOP Program was very helpful and relative.
  • I didn’t think I would learn anything. I DID !
  • Great Program, Great Counselor! My  Counselor was wise and had the ability to speak on different matters without causing discomfort.
  • I really enjoyed my  Counselor. I enjoyed this group setting and hearing everyone share as well as sharing myself.

June 2017

  • I really enjoyed my Counselor. He was really caring about getting to know my past, my present , and my future. I feel he taught me so much about thinking before I do anything.